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Domestic Cleaning Company in Worcester

Domestic Worcester Cleaning Company

Cleaning Homes Across Worcestershire

Meredith Unsworth is a family based business with over 30 years of experience.

We are passionate about cleaning and strive to offer an affordable, professional, efficient and reliable cleaning service to the highest standards.

The main focus of our cleaning service is customer satisfaction, because of this Meredith Unsworth will do it’s best to supply you with the same cleaners each time.

We have a number of satisfied customers in Worcester, Pershore , Evesham, Malvern, Warwick and Cheltenham.

All our quotes are free and no obligation but we suggest a visit to be more accurate.

Carol Meredith

Has had over 20 years experience  in the cleaning industry, from the small flat to the concert hall and conference centre in Birmingham.

Has a very keen eye for detail, from putting the magazines in order to knoowing how the room should look. This is reflected in her employess who have her social graces and inert attitude for detail.

With a great knowledge to know what to do, and how to it, especially now that there is great variations of flooring, kitchens, fabrics and carpets.

Benjamin Unsworth

Over forty years of experience, cleaning everything from the house of lords, stadiums, to small flats. Clients have been well known public figures and still are to local householders and businsse’s. All are equally as important and are treated in the same professional way.

Expert in carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, floor maintenance, window cleaning and oven cleaning.

Has a great fund of knowledge of all things cleaning and repairing.

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