End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service for End of Tenancies

End of tenancy cleans Worcester

We are very experienced within this field and feel very proud of the service we provide, being akin to an old fashioned attitude using modern quality equipment and chemicals.

If you have come to the end of your tenancy, you know the stress of needing to perform an end of tenancy cleaning service and clean your home to the highest degree of cleanliness.

Is your rental property in Worcester, Malvern, Pershore, Warwick, Cheltenham. Why not give Meredith Unsworth a ring? Our cleaning service can help by providing that end of tenancy cleaning you have been looking for, without inconvenience for you or charging an unreasonable price. You can count on us to recover as much of your deposit as possible.

Our cleaning schedule includes:

KITCHEN: cupboards are vacumned, cleaned,marks removed and then sterilised.

FRIDGE/FREEZER: shelves removed washed and sterilised and replaced. Freezer defrosted and internal body washed and sterilised.

OVENS: racks our placed in a dip tank washed and rinsed. body of the oven is de-greased and if need be steam cleaned.

WASHING MACHINE: clean external. remove and clean powder tray and treat mold on rubber seal.

DRYER: clean and vacuum filter.

BATHROOMS AND TOILETS: toilets are descaled first removing any scale buildup, then cleaned and polished. Tiles – de-mould the grouting and clean. Bath – remove any scale build up, clean and renovate taps, shower heads and piping.

SHOWER: de-mould grouting, remove build up of chemicals on the glass and polish. Renovate and polish taps etc.

FLOORS: wash and disinfect.

SINKS: descale, clean and polish.

WINDOWS: clean and polish internal windows.

GENERAL ROOMS: doors, skirting boards, radiators and shelves cleaned. Cobwebs removed, backs of radiators brushed, carpets vacumned, light fitings cleaned and dusted.

CARPET: when required are cleaned with a commercial carpet cleaner.

FRONT DOOR: cleaned and brushed.

GARAGE: vacumned, dusted, spider webs removed.

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